Please go through the following privacy policy before placing an order with us. You should also know that once your payment has been processed, we will automatically assume that you agree to all of our policies.

Personal Information

Your personal information is absolutely safe with us and there is no risk of it getting into the hands of a third party. Furthermore, you should know that we only store browser information, such as the time and duration of your visit, IP address, etc. This is because we need it to analyze patterns of activity on our website.

Financial Information

Our payment system is quite secure, and there are no loopholes in it. This means that your financial information will not go anywhere. Once you start entering your payment details, you will see that no digits appear on the screen, and only asterisks fill in the empty fields. Also, as soon as the transaction has been made, our servers are wiped off clean so that not even a single trace of your financial information remains with us.

Anti-plagiarism policy

You should know that all of your assignments are written from scratch, and nothing is reproduced from a previous order during the writing process. Also, all previous orders are inaccessible to our clients.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to edit this privacy policy whenever we deem fit.