Some best pre-school homework activities for kids include sensory material activity, play dough activity, painting, coloring, finger exercise etc.

Preschool is considered as the building block for kids. This is the age when children are eager to learn about new things. Their curiosity to know things and how do they function is at its peak. At this point, children can learn both good and bad things. It is the responsibility of parents to keep them busy in learning activities so that they develop some strong learning skills. Preschool children do not learn through books. There are various activities through which children and grasp things. These activities are not only conducted in class but they can also be done at home. These best pre-school learning activities are discussed below:

  • Water and foam activity

This activity is basically done for hand exercise of the students. For this, a bowl filled with 1/3rd of water, small foam and a plate is required. Here we demonstrate the students to absorb all the water on foam by pressing it and putting it in water. Once the whole water is absorbed, the next step is to squeeze the foam and put the water back to the bowl. This activity helps in finger movement and it is done before students learn to write. Those children who do finger exercise activity will never complain about pain in their fingers when doing the writing work.

  • Painting activity

Painting can be easily done at home. Take some colorful paints and a big brush and give a big sheet to the child. This painting activity helps the children in recognizing colors and they enjoy besides learning new things. A cartoon character or a simple alphabet can be drawn on a sheet of paper and children can be asked to paint on it.

  • Sorting activity

Sorting activity is very helpful in recognizing colors, shapes, alphabets, and numbers and so on. For instance, paper clips of different colors can be given to the children and then they have to sort out the pins of same color. In the same way, magnetic alphabets and numbers can be given and children will sort out the given number from it. Sorting enhances the thinking ability of students and they expand their attention.

  • Pasting

Pasting is another great activity that can be easily done at home. Once the kid is done with painting on his favorite cartoon character, help him in pasting the sheet on a wall of his room. Dedicate one wall of the kid’s room for the pasting activity. In this way, kids will get the motivation to work. They will also learn to decorate their room and when their painting is on the wall, they will get encouragement from friends and family.

  • Block material

Blocks and shape material is very important at the pre-school age. This helps in sensory learning. This material is often called as sensory material and is mainly given to enhance the senses of the children. Buy some blocks and shape cases, and then ask the child to make the blocks himself. Do not help the children in this activity. They will learn to fix the right shape by trial and error method.

  • Play dough activity

Play dough is one of the most common activities that are done at home. Take different colors of play dough and ask the make shapes, number and letters with the kid. Stencils are also available with the play dough set. These stencils are of shapes and designs. Roll the play dough and then ask the child to make shapes and designs by using these stencils.

  • Coloring activity

Another simple and effective activity is the coloring activity. If the child does not like coloring, make this activity attractive for him. For instance, make a colorful bucket for him and arrange lots of colors in it. Now give him colorful papers each having his favorite cartoon character or anything which he likes the most. In this way, he will automatically get attracted to color. In the beginning, make things that are colorful. For instance making a fish is a good option. The child will do different colors in the fish and he will learn that the eyes are black; fins are grey and so on.

In short, may activities can be done at home. These activities should be planned before hand and should be done on daily basis. With these activities, kids do not get bored but they learn variety of things in a playful manner.