An informative essay is all about presenting information in a well-organized manner. Logical sequence is important if you are writing an informative essay. Informative essays are also called expository essays, and these essays are solely objective. You explain something difficult to the reader in a process, show facts and figures, and present information in a sequence while writing expository essays. How to articles and textbook articles are examples of informative essays.


Informative essays require latest research on the topic, because new piece of information is essential for writing informative essays. Expository essays can be of great use if you are describing a complex term or studying a cause and effect relationships or comparing and contrasting opposing views.


Length Matters

It is idea that your expository essay should be three to five page long covering at least four resources from which you have acquired pieces of information.


Writing an Informative Essay

Informative essay is perhaps the most difficult assignment that needs to be done with absolute care and concern. Here are some instructions that will help you how to write an informative essay:


  1. Choose a Topic: You must choose a topic for your essay that is aimed at your target. audience. Examples may include common issues that needs to be discussed for public awareness.


  1. Form Thesis Statement: Once you have created the topic, you should create a thesis statement to inform your readers succinctly what your essay will be comprised of. Do not lengthen the thesis statement. Thesis statement is a sentence that had better be simple enough for your readers to understand and catch attention.


  1. Know Your Audience: You should know your audience from the beginning of your essay. An ideal assumption is that you write for a general audience, and do not miss important pieces of information concerning your audience.


  1. Create an Outline: It is high time for you to create an outline. You must list all ideas that fill up your mind concerning the topic. Outline will help you moving orderly throughout your essay and reduce the odds of forgetting a point.

After you have created the outline, you should research about the idea that you have mentioned in your essay’s outline. You should use credible sources to get in-depth knowledge about the topic for your essay.


  1. Writing Process: After you have gathered all the facts and figures or pieces of information for you essay, you should begin essay writing. You should begin with strong points if you want to make your introduction attention-getting. If your introduction is strong, then reader will like to read your essay further.


  1. The Introduction: A fascinating introduction will make your essay look stronger. You will use the background information and thesis statement in introductory part of your essay.


  1. Body: Your essay body will describe in details what your essay is about. You will use topic sentences, related sentences, and conclusive sentence in body paragraphs to explain the topic of your essay.


Conclusion: It is yet another important section of an essay, and you should conclude your essay while maintaining the level of interest for the readers. It is significant to realize that conclusion should not include new piece of information; however, your conclusion must smartly summarize the main points of your essay.